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Accounting Duties:

  • She is expected to prepare school bills for pupils, reconcile each pupil's payment ,noting the services paid for by each pupil on a termly  basis.
  • Examine statements of Accounts to ensure their accuracy.
  • Needs to ensure that statements and records comply with laws and regulations .
  • Compute taxes owed, prepares tax returns and ensures prompt payment .
  • Inspect and ensures that account books and accounting systems are  kept up to date.
  • Organize and maintains financial records.
  • Take inventory of all assets and ensures their update on a quarterly basis .
  • Prepares Income and expenditure returns on a termly basis .
  • Works with the Director and Head of School to prepare annual budgets and ensures adherence to its implementation
  • Improves business efficiency where money is concerned .
  • Make best-practices recommendations to management.
  • Suggest ways to reduce costs, enhance revenues and improve profits.
  • Provide auditing services for the business .
  • Provide up to date records on payments by each pupil.
  • She is also expected to reconcile the school's account with the monthly bank statement provided by banks. 16. She must be able to provide monthly reports of income and expenditure.
  • She must have knowledge of the usage of the Quick Book system accounting software .

Administrative duties.

  • Act as the liaison between parents and the school .
  • Respond to enquiries and questions from all seeking information about the organization .
  • Sends out letters and responds to correspondences on behalf of the school after due input from the appropriate person .
  • Ensures the smoothing of service .
  • Have good and up to date information on the day to day running of the school.
  • Will be the liaison person between the school and the different artisans listed for service delivery by the school.
  • Supervise the following cadres of workers (cleaners, drivers, cooks, other admin staff and the security personnel) to ensure there are no hitches in service provision.
  • Coordinate the smooth running of the School bus .

Customer Relations Duties:

  • The officer will be a liaison person between parents and the school.
  • Must provide and maintain good relationships with all parents and guardians of the pupils.
  • She will as much as possible ensure the provision of Good Customer Service
  • She will also carry out any other duty as assigned by the Head of School and the Director .


  • This position is opened to Female applicants Preferably.
  • The candidate should have a BSc or HND in Accounting
  • Must have 2 - 3 years  working experience
  • Knowledge of the Quick Book accounting software will be an added advantage .