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Sales Associate

  • Abana Deen Plc.
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Market Strategist:

  • Identifies business growth opportunities with new and existing customers 
  • Identifies and develops new markets/customers in accordance with assigned targets
  • Participates in the definition of overall growth strategy within industry
  • Manages geographic expansion & Sales Volume Expansion
  • Ensures that Design, Logistics & Execution teams adhere to agreed standards

Sales Driver:

  • Drives aggressive sales volume and value according to Market Strategy 
  • Aims to meet and exceed sales target
  • Constantly develop new market channels and pipelines
  • Develop profitable relationships within the design & construction market/industry

Relationship Manager:

  • Develops, manages, and maintains relationships with customers 
  • Monitors customer expectations to ensure that quality & delivery of solutions meet them
  • Monitors and collects receivables from customers
  • Measures and monitors overall customer satisfaction (conducts customer interviews, periodic customer satisfaction surveys)

Proposal/Business Case Developer:

  • Works with design architects during proposal development to ensure that customer needs are appropriately captured
  • Develops and updates business case for potential customers  (with input from design teams)

Contract Negotiator:

  • Facilitate submission of proposals, & follows up with customers to ensure that proposals are converted to projects/contracts
  • Negotiates proposals with the client (with discussion with MD, design, and technical teams) to ensure that contract can be implemented
  • Researcher & Solution Developer
  • Provides customer and market information/data as feedback for new solution development and current solution improvement in accordance with customer requirements and Luca Visage’s strategic goals

Brand & Marketing Campaigner:

  • Defines promotional strategies for enhancing Luca Visage’s brand exposure to client’s & markets; and assists in implementing them

Functional Competencies

  • Sales & Marketing Planning
  • Strategic Perspective
  • Information Management
  • Influencing/Negotiation
  • Product/Service Knowledge
  • Market & Customer Understanding
  • Conflict Resolutionnisational Competencies
  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Leadership
  • Organisational Awareness
  • Customer Orientation
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Work Planning

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Bachelors Degree or HND in any field.
  • Sales & Marketing experience an advantage