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Subject Teacher

  • Glybridge Elementary
Salary per Month
NGN 80.0k - 95.0k
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Understanding curriculum requirements, and creating syllabi, lesson plans, and educational content that satisfy these requirements.
Analyzing the needs, strengths, and weaknesses of students and structuring lessons and assessments around them.
Adjusting teaching methods to suit different groups of learners.
Creating engaging, stimulating lesson plans and asking frequent questions to make sure students are on track.
Providing extra support to students requiring it, and more challenging tasks to those ahead of the class.
Keeping abreast of developments and research in the field, and using this to ensure lessons are relevant.
Reporting any progress issues to the head of the department, as well as the parents.
Attending meetings, training sessions, workshops, conferences, and other continuing education initiatives.
Supervising lab sessions, delivering practical demonstrations, and accompanying students on field trips.
Keeping the line of communication open between students, staff, and parents.
Prepare students for external exams and competitions.
Teaching some STEM-related subjects as highlighted in the STEM subjects section across all classes.