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Sales Representative

Salary per Month
NGN 50.0k - 82.0k
Jobs > Art, Fashion & Design > Sales Representative
Approach every customer with an enthusiastic and welcoming attitude.
Listen to identify customer needs and communicate with customers in a friendly and polite manner.
Utilize opportunities to upsell and/or link-sell other products in addition to or to complement customers’ initial purchases.
Ensure continuous development in the area of product knowledge and skills update to be able to correctly prescribe products to customers.
Consult knowledgeably with customers and seek opportunities for referrals while ensuring the customer returns for repeat patronage.
Ensure clients and customers receive excellent service at all times.
Anticipate customers’ needs and ensure they are satisfied as soon as possible also deal with customer enquiries and requests promptly and efficiently.
Make sure requests outside areas of authority are referred immediately to an appropriate person and follow through to ensure customer satisfaction.
Ensure dissatisfied customers are acknowledged immediately and attended to without delay.
Introduce the company’s client registry to every customer and ensure the client database is up to date.
Schedule consultations with clients for makeup services or inform them about new products and/or upcoming product launches.
Document looks by taking photos and writing that can be referred to by other retail artists for future use.
Ensure appropriate actions are taken to minimize unpleasant side effects from the use of makeup tools and/or techniques
Identify current and future customer requirements by establishing rapport with potential and actual customers and other persons in a position to understand business requirements.